Review: 4 Thoughts on Outlander

I heard of Outlander forever ago from one of my best friends who’s obsessed with it. I even bought her a candle for Christmas called “Under Jaime’s Kilt”. I noticed recently that Outlander was put on Netflix for the first two seasons so I decided to give it a whirl. I found myself drenched in a pool of macho Scottish men and crazy ass women and I binged seasons 1-4 rather quickly. Here were some of my main thoughts throughout the seasons.

** Will contain spoilers!

I. The Theme Song Kind of Annoyed Me

It was a tad too cheesy for my taste between the melody, the lyrics, and the singers breathy voice. The hatred grew to love when I noticed each season, they changed it up depending on where the characters were in the series – Scotland, France, West Indies, and America.

II. The Outrageous Plot

I understand this story is meant for entertainment and not at all close to reality. I mean, the woman touches a stone and falls back into the 18th Century. But to be honest, Claire Randall should have died in the very first episode when Captain Jack Randall, oddly enough her 20th Century husbands great-great-and maybe extra great Grandfather tried to rape her in the woods. Naturally, Jack Randall is the first person she encounters when she makes it past the stones. What are the odds?

But Claire has been close to death at least fifty times throughout the series. The woman escapes death each and every time and in the most outrageous fashion. Her 18th Century hubby, Highlander Jaime Fraser comes to rescue her so many times that it’s so unbelievable. For instance, while they set sail after the West Indies, they are caught in a hurricane and she falls overboard. She nearly drowns in the ocean as she’s caught up in ropes, and Jaime jumps in and finds her in the EXACT location in the OCEAN (I must reiterate) and saves her.

III. Scottish Women Are Obsessed With Whores

Claire has been called a whore on several occasions, and mainly by Scottish women. It’s mostly out of jealousy because she’s English and not Scottish, and she bagged the hottest Highlander in the country.

The strange part is even after they’re married, they still keep calling her a whore. I don’t quite understand it. Yes, she’s a huge slut for sleeping with her husband.

Let’s also talk about the psychopath of the show – Laoghaire MacKenzie. She was SO convinced that Jaime loved HER and not Claire that she tried to seduce Jaime in the woods, tried to have Claire burned at the stake for being a “witch”, and while continuously calling Claire a whore, once again.

IV. Can We Kill Off Roger Wakefield Already?

Why does this character exist? A little background for you – at the end of Season 2, Claire learns she’s pregnant with Jaime’s baby. Just before the Battle of Culloden, Jaime forces Claire to go back to the stones to her own time so that she can raise the baby in a better world. She goes back to the future, 1948, and has a baby girl named Brianna in Boston. Brianna grows up, learns about Jaime, and encourages her mother to go back to him in the 18th century.

Roger Wakefield is essentially Brianna’s Scottish boyfriend she met while on holiday with her mother. At first, he’s charming, a bit shy, intelligent, and mindful. You think, “Aw! He’s so sweet and cute! Perfect for Brianna!” Well viewers, you have been duped because he’s by far the worst character in Outlander. Yes, I know. Jack Randall is the spawn of Satan in the entire series, but he had a key role in everything. Roger Wakefield is just a pussy ass bitch who offers nothing to the table.

You instantly hate him when Brianna and Roger go on a road trip to North Carolina. Everything is fine and dandy until Brianna basically throws herself onto him out of lust, and Roger decides to propose to her, even though he’s probably spent one full week with her in the entire time he’s known her. When she refuses because, you know, she’s 20 years old and currently in school and not thinking about marriage and kids yet, he says, “If I can’t have you as my wife, I can’t be bothered to have you in my bed.” WHAT. He then went onto insulting terms about how if she just wanted to screw him, he could have “Had her on her back all last summer.”

He continued into detail, which he really shouldn’t have, that he has screwed around with other women plenty of times, but it’s not acceptable for her to do it and he must marry a virgin.

And this was 1970…

He does many other despicable things and tends to run off like a little bitch when he doesn’t get his way or he’s challenged by, dear god, a woman. Oh the horrors. I thought Brianna came from Claire’s flesh and blood? Cause she sure doesn’t act like it.

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